This is how my girlfriend wants to be buried when she dies, to scare little kids mourning their grandparents.

LorenzyKeel: i want that on my tombstone too
SuccubusBunni: haha I should totally make tombstones for a living
LorenzyKeel: practical joke tombstones
SuccubusBunni: hahahahahahahahaa
LorenzyKeel: zany tombstones
SuccubusBunni: goddamn that sent me into a coughing fit
LorenzyKeel: that’s how i abuse girls
LorenzyKeel: i can do black eyes too
SuccubusBunni: “He made me laugh so hard I ran into the door and broke my nose”
LorenzyKeel: and then ill come out in a wife beater and yell “thats it woman! two jews and pianist walk into a bar…”
SuccubusBunni: HAHAHA