Geez, this one was a lot of work. Basically I did too many panels, so what you see here is a digital combination of several missing panels. Then I kept finishing early… Thinking I was done, shutting everything down, putting it online, then noticing that something was uncolored or didnt look right or whatever…

Anywho, it’s a pretty good one. The intial ending was to have the first machine release poisonous gas, then my guy would say something like “Oh great, now I’m being killed by poisonous gas” or whatever.

About half way in I came up with the idea of him using the hand-dryer, except the hand drier would be a little sleazy and the whole thing would be portrayed in a seamy way. The degraded protagonist would return to the table and Inez would say “What happened?” to which he would angrily respond “Nothing!”.

Anywho, because that would have taken more panels/time, I went with this.

If the air-dryer had a personality… It would definately be that rejected foreign kid in high school that nobody liked.

The first machine is kind my take on those new fangled motion activated paper towel dispensers, which are obviously designed to be inefficient and get you to use less paper towels.