Ah, I broke not one, but two laptops to bring this comic to you. That’s how awesome and epic my cartooning is. Of course most people say I should stop doing my comics underwater, but they’re just non-epic naysayers.

Anywho, this idea is incredibly old. Me and Devin have this ongoing joke about this stuff. It’s based on this guy we saw on Ghosthunters (horrible show) who seems to be the skinny, oily loser of the bunch. Somehow it came to be that he acquired a super high pitched Jersey accent and started marketing his back grease as Miracle Back Sauce. Every now and again, whenever a strange line would come up in a movie or conversation someone would chime in “… and that’s yet another use for Miracle Back Sauce!” And so it went on occasionally for about two years before I made a comic about it. I was pretty much convinced it couldn’t be funny without the voice. It’s definitely funnier with the voice, but still ok without it.