Originally this was just one part in a longer comic, but it works pretty well on its own so I decided to split it up and make it a two parter. The rest I’ll post for tomorrow’s comic.

GUEST COMIC CASTING CALL! Alright guys, I’m looking to build up a buffer so that I don’t have as many late updates, but I really don’t have the time to do more than two comics a week as it is. So If any of you guys feel up to it, it’d be awesome if I had some guest strips to go up while I work at my normal rate to make a buffer. All credit will of course be credited to you and I can post a link up to your site or dA page.

More news! Last week the people over at Drunk Duck had their awards and Last Place was took home “best humor scenes” and “most deliciously offensive”, which is pretty super awesome. I also did a presentation for one of the awards (best antagonist). If you want to check em out, follow the link