Meeeeeh… Yet another one that started completely different than it ended up. I essentially drew two comics and had to choose. In the alternate, the Lucky Charms guy would just be really angry throughout the whole thing, though saying the same lines you might expect in any kids’ breakfast commercial. The premise was pretty funny, but I lost confidence with it and couldnt really think of a great ending.

This at least has the closure the other strip was lacking, but I think a lot of peeps will have to look it over 2 or 3 time before making the connection that its a ransom note in the last panel, and those people are the kids’ parents, ergo ruining the funny.

Man, all that thinkin for a strip that takes 15 seconds to read… I’m thinking way too much. I need to think less.

Time of submission: 6:30 am….. meh………..